In the Community

The Camden City Garden Club is a non-profit (501) (c) (3), membership-based, educational and environmental organization established in 1985 to assist Camden City residents with community gardening.  Over the years the Club has evolved  to include many additional programs: Community Gardening and Greening, Grow Lab, the Community Youth Employment Program and the Camden Children’s Garden.

Established in 1985, our Community Gardening Program helps residents of the City of Camden and members of the Garden Club maintain community garden and greening sites throughout the City of Camden. The Camden City Garden Club (CCGC) assists members with cleaning vacant, city-owned lots and transforming them into beautiful and productive community gardens, growing fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables. The Club provides tools, plants and seeds, while members provide the sweat equity.  Members receive planting and gardening information and can participate in demonstrations, and periodic workshops. The Club also assists members and Camden residents with community greening projects and planting trees throughout the neighborhoods of Camden.

How Can I Become a Community Garden Club Member?  Joining is easy.  If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact the Club’s office and ask for an application to be mailed to you along with an application to garden on City owned lots. You may also download the Community Gardening brochures on this page to fill out the application form and mail it to the Camden City Garden Club, Inc. 

Click Here to view and print Camden City's "Adopt A Lot" guidelines and application

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Community Gardening

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The Camden City Garden Club, Inc. has operated a Community Gardening Program since 1985 with support from the William Penn Foundation.  Camden residents can garden on vacant, city-owned lots, upon approval from the City of Camden. The Club can assist with providing fencing, fertilizer, seeds, and plants.

Plants are distributed during the Club meetings at the Camden Children’s Garden.  Early crop plants are available in April and May, warm-season crops are available in June.  You must be a member to obtain these supplies.

The Camden City Garden also works with Faith-Based groups, teaching Camden residents how to grown their own vegetables and fruit so they can provide their families with healthy, nutritious produce. If you or your Camden congregation is interested in this program, please call the Community Garden Organizer at 856-365-8733 or email 

Harvest Report on Community Gardening in Camden, NJ

Camden's Fresh Mobile Market

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Camden’s Fresh Mobile Market launched in Spring 2013, to provide seasonal, quality Jersey Fresh fruits and vegetables directly to the people of Camden, at low prices. Camden residents do not have adequate access to fresh foods and Camden is one of the Worst 9 “Food Deserts” in America, according to the USDA. From the Mobile Market’s inception, it was decided that this program would benefit Camden …by providing residents access to healthy choices directly in their neighborhoods. 

Produce is grown at the CCGC’s Urban Farm on 3rd and Beckett Streets and at Duffield’s Farm in Sewell, NJ. In addition, the CCGC’s “Camden Grows”, the USDA Entrepreneurial Gardening Program, equips residents with strong gardening and community garden leadership skills and enables them to make a profit by selling their surplus of crops to the Mobile Market Program.